Reservation taken for dinner only, 4pm - 8pm
Lunch is counter service/no reservations, 11am - 4pm. Call for parties 10+

organics at mendoberri

mendoberri is a gourmet cafe and wine bar without pretense. Everything on our lunch and dinner menus is also available for takeout.  We are proud to serve the Mendota Heights and surrounding Twin Cities communities by serving fresh, delicious, and innovative cuisine that is organic and locally-sourced whenever possible.

While labeling food items as organic is restricted to certified organic producers, mendoberri is proud to serve organic products that fall in the following categories that have been defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA):

(1) “100% Organic”: products made entirely with certified organic ingredients and methods can be labeled "100 percent (%) organic" (by the grower),
(2) “Organic”: products with at least 95 percent (%) organic ingredients can use the word "organic". Both of these categories may also display the USDA organic seal, and
(3) “Made with Organic Ingredients”: products containing a minimum of 70 percent (%) organic ingredients can be labeled "made with organic ingredients".

Not only is the demand for organic food on a clear upward trend, but there are numerous benefits of eating organic. For example:

  • Organic food is much richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber—and retains the levels of nutrients for much longer—than non-organic food
  • Eating organic foods enables the body to be more resistant to disease as it will have higher levels of the essential nutrients it needs to fight off infection
  • Eating organic food can increase energy levels; foods with higher levels of toxins and chemicals slow the body down
  • Organic farms respect our water resources and do not leach nitrogen and other pollutants from their soil
  • Organic food producers must meet stringent standards
  • Animals and produce that are not exposed to, or fed, growth hormones and antibiotics are not passed on to you, the consumer

As demand for organic grows, so will our ability to provide more of these great options.  Thanks for your support!